Thursday, 15 March 2018


Many a times we get informed, consciously and unconsciously, that some people are not good for us. We see it right in our very eyes that they are going to hurt us. We get signs by way of the manner they talk to/with us, the kind of tone they use in communicating; we get signs by their body language, the way they look at us, the way they relate with us; we get signs also by the way they treat us, neither answering of our calls and chats nor returning them; amongst many other very visible signs. Despite all these, we still allow ourselves fall prey of their ill attitudes towards us. We give them the most prized possession we own: our heart, knowing fully well that they are going to break it. We let ourselves become vulnerable because we desire and want to exhibit the most important quality of being human, the quality of love ❤.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Operation Detoxify Your Mindset II

It's Unintelligent To Castigate What You Don't Know

Some time ago, I was teaching Abigail, 5, one of the students I teach Mathematics privately, how to solve operation problems with columns and rows. It is basically simple. I did an illustration on the whiteboard, she wasn't paying attention. She looked to the board, and all of a sudden she bursted to a loud cry. What has happened to Abigail in this very short moment I wondered with a puzzled face. Then I asked her what the matter was. "I don't like maths!", she yelled. "Why", I asked, "I don't understand!", she responded. "Ehen? Is that the reason you are crying?", I asked. She nodded in the affirmative.

For a few seconds I laughed inside of me. Then I asked her, "Why cry because you don't understand a thing?" "Look", I said, pointing to the bulb in the room; "Do you see any thing attached to that bulb?" "No" she responded. "How come you press the switch on the wall over there and at the same instant, the light comes on or goes off?". She was silent. "But you enjoy putting the light on, right?." do you know how it works?" "No", she answered. "That's it!" I said; "You don't understand how the light bulb works, you do not cry; you shouldn't cry, then, if you don't understand what I just did on the board." She nodded and wiped her tears. And when I erased the board and did the same operation again, she grabbed every bit of it. In fact with just one example, she answered 5 questions correctly, all because she opened her mind to understand. Mathematics is simple, anyways.

Opportunities abound every day and every where. Many a times we are shown: whether a better ways to make stuffs work or to improve on our current path but we discard them on the ground that they are too voluminous or to complicated to understand. With that singular act, we shut the door to great advancements, and later we ask ourselves and our environment why things aren't working for us as thought.

One of the wisest thing we want to start doing is to always give reasonable thoughts to opportunities that come our way every blessed day.

"If diamonds are on the streets like peebles, some people will still refuse to see, let alone pick them."

Operation Detoxify Your Mind I

It is normal for us to see the Sun ☀ in the morning and to see the Moon at night. It’s also normal for a seed to be buried in the ground and bring forth root then to stem and continues that process to become a tree 🎄 .

If the above assertions are true and correct, then, it's normal for humans to explore life, enlarge their coast, become exceedingly and exceptionally rich and wealthy, be healthy and suffer no lack. In fact, it is very abnormal for humans to wallow in poverty. We are the image of God, right? If yes, we should never be poor. We should be as rich as God, the creator of the universe.

But guess what has kept many humans in poverty and 'in need' state...mindset! Poor mentality and poverty mindset. The very worst thing is: humans defend the fact that they are poor...Ta! They say they don't want to enlarge and grow because "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven." Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! Tell me, how will one serve God very well if he is not well and sound in every area of one's life?

Let ponder on these words.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Marry Atleast Two wives Or Face Life Imprisonment!

In this day and age when people see monogamy plus having side chicks/girlfriends by the side as the in-thing, a country has stood out with a new law on polygamy.

Lassa Fever: Facts You Should Know



Lassa Fever is an Acute Febrile disease caused by the Lassa virus. Lassa Fever occurs more often in the dry season, rather than in the rainy season. The multimammate rat (Mastomys natalensis) is the reservoir host of Lassa fever.

Monday, 18 January 2016


"If you think to get knowledge is expensive, try ignorance."

Anita, 11, is the joy of her parents and her sibling. She's loved by many people she had made contact with. She has a kind and loving heart, always eager to be of help to people. Last week Monday, the civic education teacher in her school taught her class the basics of crossing the road instructing them  to adhere to the principle. Today, she missed the school bus and so she had to walk to school, about 15 minutes. She gets on the road, remembers what she was taught on crossing roads:

Monday, 18 May 2015


 In the primary four class of a state-owned school, the teacher, Uncle Preye, is teaching the pupils Nutrition, a topic under Primary Science. The class is lively as the pupils take turns to give answer to questions asked by their uncle and everything is good. The class continues that way until the uncle asks the last but not the least question